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This is the height of pleasure, a place to live and love. A place to replenish energy, enjoy togetherness in the private spa and simply take time out.

Up on the Fürthermoar Alm feelings of happiness are guaranteed.  1800 metres above sea level in Kaprunertal, in the heart of the  Hohe Tauern National Park, amidst snow covered peaks, reflected in the turquoise alpine water reservoir.

„Embedded in nature and the starry sky so close.“

Dear friends and guests of the Fürthermoar Alm!

We are delighted to welcome you back to our Alm starting June 7, 2024 and look forward to seeing you!

"INFO" On June 15, 2024, we will be closed due to a private event.

You can find the opening hours on our homepage and Facebook page under News.


Friendly greetings to everyone,
Kathrin with family and employee



Wandering through the colourful, flora-rich high pastures, one is overcome by a freedom feeling. You hear the babbling of streams and maybe the whistle of a marmot interrupts the peace.


If you have ever wandered through the lush high pastures, you understand what is meant by "the taste of nature". Nature is colourful, nature is diverse, it is the basis of existence for humanity and the living environment for farm and wild animals. It is our job to preserve it.

"Enjoy the magnificence of the mountains, the peace of nature and go home with a heart full of vitality." - Kathrin Aberger Dick.


If you are looking for magical moments in the heart of the Hohen Tauern National Park, whether it's on a day trip or a Glockner round trip, simply leave your cares behind in our Hideaways. There is something for everyone, to take in a backpack full of happiness home.


Starting with your journey to this special place, via shuttlebus and the 'Lärchwand inclined elevator', you get a feel for the beauty of the upcoming holiday.


Ranging from a via verrata for power couples to a relaxed stroll for the quieter folk – the Fürthermoar Alm in its unique location in the Kapruner Mountains has much to offer. The perfect starting point for diverse summer activities. Whether it's the informative herb trail, an easy walking track or a challenging mountain tour to the Großen Wiesbachhorn.

Be sure to include the guided walk through the inside of the dam wall, and the hydroelectric power and ice centre.

If you are looking for action the via ferrata up the Höhenburg and along the dam wall are top-class experiences not readily forgotten.



Anyone who has taken to heart the history of the Fürthermoar Alm in the region Zell am See Kaprun knows - the Alm is truly unique in its development. In order to illuminate the history in detail we have to go back to the year 1779.

The Fürthermoar Alp in the region Zell am See Kaprun


Where electricity flows

In the middle of the Hohe Tauern there lies the birthplace of some of the most impressive buildings of the post-war period. The Kaprun high mountain reservoirs with their two reservoirs, Wasserfall- and Mooserboden, at about 2,040 metres above sea level. The two lakes lie like two fjords in the rear Kaprun valley. Embedded between the three thousand meters high peaks of the Alps, on the border to the Hohe Tauern National Park - an overwhelming technical achievement that was realised here. Especially for families, the adventure play stations in the "Strom-Trail" are waiting to bring the topic of water power and energy generation closer in a playful way.

Since the middle/end of the 17th century we, the Aberger Dick family, have been farming our alp here in the Kaprun valley. At that time the Alm am Wasserfallboden was bought. At that time it consisted of the Niederalm waterfall and the Hochalm Ebmatten.

Due to the high altitude, the Hochalm could only be used in midsummer - throughout the rest of the year, the climate was too harsh. The management was hard work. Around 150 years later, the Alpen Elektrizitätswerke began building a gigantic hydroelectric power station in the Kaprun Valley - today's world-famous high mountain reservoirs in Kaprun. The former landowners gave way to the building. They were looking for opportunities to buy land from other alpine pastures and agricultural communities.

An unsolvable task for the then owner of the Fürthermoar farm - he simply found nothing suitable - there was simply no alternative to his mountain pasture. In 1942, he was given the opportunity to use the remaining area of the original alp and was finally able to buy it back in 1960. The former Grundalm was gone - its area fell victim to the huge Wasserfallboden reservoir. It still lies at the bottom of the lake. Apart from Fürthermoar itself, nobody was interested in the Hochalm - it was too difficult to cultivate due to the high altitude. But he did not let himself be dissuaded from his plan. From the labour camp at that time to the construction of the power station, workers came again and again to the alp and bought milk. For this reason, in 1949, the bar was opened on the Fürthermoaralm - a pioneering achievement that continues to this day. Due to the progressive global warming, the conditions are no longer as harsh as they used to be. Our alp is only accessible during the summer months, during this time it is also home to our dairy cows, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses. Furthermore, the Fürthermoar Alm is a popular destination for visitors, hikers and mountaineers.

The alp is idyllically situated between the Mooser- and Wasserfallboden reservoirs in the Kaprunertal and can easily be reached by bus or via the herb nature trail, where you can meet many a marmot or pet.

The Fürthermoar Alm spoils its guests with homemade delicacies and dishes of the day. For the preparation, we use products from our own organic farm. Kaiserschmarrn, Kaspressknödel, salads, as well as the unique Almjause are also offered. A special treat are the fresh alpine milk and buttermilk, both directly from cow milk and from cows fed by herbs and alpine flowers. There are herbal syrups and juices made from various plants – you are welcome to taste it! There is also a natural magic potion for the youngest guests and many opportunities to play and have fun.

"Enjoy the power of the mountains, the tranquility of nature and go home with a heart full of joy." - Kathrin Aberger Dick

Alp sale of homemade delicacies (bacon, cheese, syrup, ...), Alp museum, Alp chapel, visit of the reservoirs, children's playground and petting animals, ideal for family, company and club outings, sun terrace and dining rooms with service, bus stop directly at the Alp.

Kaprun high mountain reservoirs - now with free multimedia guide!

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My husband Markus and I took over the Fürthermoar Gut together with the Fürthermoar Alm from my parents Martina and Toni Aberger in 2011. With this, we have taken on a great responsibility. Since 1745, the Fürthermeiergut has been owned by the Aberger family, now Dick, in uninterrupted legal succession.

Markus and I are dedicated to organic farming. It is not just a matter of form for us to be "organic farmers", but our conviction and philosophy of life. We always strive to think in natural cycles and to implement this in our business. We try to preserve the diversity of species in our grassland and to supply our animals as far as possible with the fodder produced on our own farm. This is, among other things hay, grass silage and organic maize from our own cultivation. We cultivate the soil according to ecological guidelines in order to build it up and not to exploit it. In order to achieve our goals and to produce high-quality food from grassland, it requires a high degree of understanding between humans, animals and the environment.

See you soon at the Fürthermoar Alm!

Your family Aberger Dick
Kathrin, Markus, Maximilian, Lena und Mirjam



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